Autumn Skincare: How Changing Seasons Impact Your Skin

by Richard Maloney

Autumn Skincare: How Changing Seasons Impact Your Skin

Fall has arrived, which is good news for your skin, right?  Well, yes….and no. While the hot sun of summer has faded, it is still important to maintain a healthy skincare routine. Along with the changing leaves and fall sweaters comes a drop in temperatures and stronger winds.

What do these mean for your facial skin? Without a proper regimen, you could experience dryness, flaky skin, dehydration, more lines and wrinkles, and even a drop in vital nutrients for your skin.

The good news is that with a simple daily skin routine, you can keep facial skin soft and supple as the seasons change. Here are some ideas to maintain a healthy complexion this fall.

Continue Applying SPF to Your Skin

The sun is not nearly as brutal in the fall as it is in summer; however, it can still impact your skin. Ultraviolet exposure happens year-round. Apply an SPF 10-15 during the autumn months or choose cosmetic products with SPF filters for a nearly effortless way to protect your skin from the sun this fall.

Take a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D has many health benefits. It’s abundant in the summer, but as fall comes around and the temperatures cool, we cover up more and absorb less of this vital nutrient. Vitamin D benefits your skin because it helps it to grow, repair, and metabolize.

A lack of vitamin D can result in skin that seems to age faster. Vitamin D deficiency also leads to thinner looking skin. One of the most common signs of a deficiency in Vitamin D is head sweating. Knowing that you won't have as much exposure to the sun as before, now is a good time to start taking your vitamin D supplements.

Moisturize Your Skin

As always, keep your skin hydrated this fall. Autumn has just as many moisture-zapping elements as any other season. Those cool fall breezes may feel nice, but they can also dehydrate our skin. In fall, our need for hydration doesn’t change, but we don’t feel as thirsty – and so we drink less water. And produce with high-water content isn’t as readily available. 

To help your skin survive the fall, apply a therapeutic-grade moisturizer such as Signature Skin’s Revitalizing Moisturizer. It is scientifically formulated to fight the signs of aging and restore your supple complexion. You’ll notice a difference in the look and feel of your skin after using it for a few days.

Keep your skin looking young and fresh all season with this simple skincare routine.