Ready for a New You this New Year?

by Richard Maloney

Ready for a New You this New Year?

Each year around this time people make new year’s resolutions. They pinpoint areas they’d like to improve, and they set goals. Yet, research shows that 80% give up on these goals by the time February rolls around. As discouraging as this may sound, it is very possible to create the new you that you desire - if you know how.

What’s the secret? 

According to personal development guru, Tony Robbins, it is motivation. What is your “why”? Once you understand why you want to make a change in life, then you can decide what steps to take to make it happen.

For example, making it a goal to go to the gym three times a week is much more impactful if there’s a good reason behind it. Do you want to feel good in your bathing suit by spring break? Do you have a health condition that exercise could improve?

Draw upon that underlying reason and use it as motivation to do your exercise routine even on those days that you don’t really feel like it.

Now, once you’ve established your new year goals and determined your why, how do you keep going past February? 

Tony says that you need a plan. Write down your goals and make it a habit to review them daily. Reflect on your why and picture what your life would be like if you stayed committed. This commitment plus a plan of action will help you to stay on track long after others have given up.

Is Healthier-looking Skin One of Your New Year’s Goals?

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What will you do to create a new you for 2019?