Refresh Your Home and Your Happiness with Spring Cleaning

by Richard Maloney

Refresh Your Home and Your Happiness with Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here. Along with the change in season comes a new opportunity for a fresh start. Now the idea of spring cleaning may trigger visions of Windex or Mr. Clean, but it doesn’t have to stop at your home. You can spring clean any part of your life that needs it, and the benefits are tremendous. So, as you begin to make your spring cleaning list, add these simple tasks to bring fresh new joy to your life!

Donate Items You No Longer Need

One of the first spring cleaning chores on most people’s list is to get rid of unwanted things. As you begin to declutter your home, look for items that you can donate to a local charity – gently used clothing, accessories, books, toys, etc. Decluttering will not only refresh your home, but it can also benefit others. By donating items you no longer need, you can enjoy a nice, clutter-free living space and feel good about helping others.

Clean Up Your Calendar

Sometimes, your home isn’t the only thing that becomes cluttered. If you have trouble saying no or find that you rarely have time to do what truly brings you joy, then it is time to clean up your calendar. Carefully examine what you spend your time on each day, and who you spend it with. Do you take on too many obligations? Do you agree to meet up with people then regret it later? This spring, commit to aligning your time with the things that truly make you happy – and start eliminating things that don’t. It may take some work, and you may have to let a few people down, but in the end, you’ll feel refreshed and renewed with a schedule that you enjoy!

Get Organized

Think of spring cleaning as New Year Resolutions - Round 2.  If getting organized was on your list to start the new year, yet you never got around to it, spring cleaning is a fresh, new opportunity to tackle this task! Since you’ve eliminated the items you no longer need and cleared your calendar of obligations you no longer want, what is left in your life should be the things that want to be there. So, get them organized. Your home will look better, and you will feel better too!

Buy Fresh Flowers

Or buy new brightly colored pillows, a stylish spring accessory, or even fresh makeup and skincare products. Treat yourself to something that will make you feel good inside and out. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it simply needs to bring a smile to your face.  Find some way to signify that you have weathered the cold of winter and are ready to celebrate a new, fresh season full of life, love, and joy!