Spring is Approaching! It’s Time to Refresh Your Body, Mind, & Skin

February 22, 2018 0 Comments

Spring is Approaching…. It’s Time to Refresh Your Body, Mind, and Skin

We are finally nearing the end of winter. In many parts of the country, the days are growing warmer. And in just a few weeks, daylight savings will arrive. It’s time to shake off those winter blues and enjoy the outdoors. Even if there’s still a slight chill in the air, go for a hike or a bike ride, take your dog out for a nice long walk, or even go to the park with your kids. Time spent outdoors will refresh your body, mind, and skin….and here’s how.

Outdoor Activity Helps with Weight Loss

Do you still have a few lingering pounds from the holidays that you’d like to lose? Diet and exercise are key to dropping the weight – and one of the best ways to exercise is by getting outdoors. Performing Yoga is a serene, natural setting, going for a jog through the park, or even a hike in the hills is a fun way to burn those calories.

You can get the results you want and actually enjoy the process.

Plus, changes in terrain, going uphill, or even spending time at a higher altitude contribute directly to weight loss. So, instead of a grueling exercise class at the gym, hit the mountains, lakes, rivers, or any other great outdoor space. Weight loss is just one of the many benefits of being outdoors.

Going Outside Renews Your Mind

When you spend time in the fresh outdoors, you can improve your mood and boost your level of focus. Studies show that even just five minutes of outdoor time will put you in a better mood. This is especially important if you’ve spent most of the winter indoors.

Going outside is one of the top recommendations for people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Spending time in nature also leads to more mental clarity. If you are struggling with an idea or problem to solve, spending some time outdoors clears your mind allowing you to focus on a solution.

Time Outdoors Increases your Vitamin D

Your body needs Vitamin D – which you can get by spending time in the sun. Vitamin D improves your immune system and fights chronic disease, yet nearly 85 percent of us do not get enough of this critical vitamin each day.

Vitamin D is also an important nutrient for your skin. It helps destroy the free radicals that cause aging and contributes to skin cell growth and repair.

So, on those days when the sun is shining, get outside and enjoy it. You’ll feel better and you will give your body an opportunity to absorb natural vitamin D.

Before you know it, summer will arrive. And, depending on where you live, this could mean retreating back indoors again – this time to escape the heat. So take advantage of this great time of year and get outside!

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