Two Terrific Reasons to Treat Yourself Now that School’s Back in Session

by Richard Maloney

Two Terrific Reasons to Treat Yourself Now that School’s Back in Session
Hey moms, it’s time to celebrate! Your little darlings are back in school. And if you feel guilty for being happy about this – STOP! Even supermom needs a break sometimes. In fact, you need more than just reprieve from the summer, you need to treat yourself to something special and here’s why:

#1: Having Kids at Home 24/7 is Hard Work
It really, truly is – especially today. Kids expect to be entertained. Whether that means playdates, day camps, fun outings, family vacations….the list goes on and on. And it can be exhausting. But if you don’t keep them busy, mom guilt sets in….especially if your children are glued to their “screens” (video games, tablets, phones, TVs).
Maintaining a summer routine is much harder than during the school year when a routine is essentially “thrust” upon you. You must get your kids up, fed and ready at a certain time for school. But no one is “making” you during summer, which can be nice…but it can also lead to a lack of motivation.
All of this is hard work…and by the end of the summer, many moms feel completely burned out. So reward yourself for your awesomeness all summer…you deserve it!

#2: Happy Mom = Happier Kids
You may have heard that phrase “happy wife, happy life”... This really applies to all of your family, not just your spouse. When you are refreshed and rewarded, you can be the mom that you strive to be. It’s difficult to maintain your joy day in and day out if you don’t take time for yourself.

This could mean a spa pedicure, massage, or buying something special. Enjoy taking time for yourself while your kids are back in school. Not only is it beneficial, 
but it is also really essential.

Think about an air travel. When you take off on an airplane, the flight attendants always tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before you try to save someone else, right? This is a good lesson for life. Fill your tank first, so that you have the energy and desire to be there for others, including your children. 

At Signature Skin, we want to celebrate all of the moms out there this school year…and encourage you to do something (anything) that will make you happy!