Our Story

Signature Skin is a therapeutic, physician formulated skin care line made from exclusive ingredients to deliver the highest impact to the deepest layers of the skin where they are needed most. Why is therapeutic skin care so beneficial? Because it safely and effectively helps your skin look young and fresh while aging naturally. While other skin care products may claim to have the same results, only therapeutic skin care can truly improve your complexion, restore suppleness to your face, and fight the signs of aging. You will notice a difference within the first few days of use. 

Signature Skin was developed by Dr. Richard Maloney, a leading expert in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Maloney’s extensive experience over the years has focused on face and neck rejuvenation. He has always used minimally invasive techniques that are custom-designed for his patients. He feels strongly that each patient’s rejuvenation plan should be tailored to their own unique goals. And he believes that this philosophy should also apply to skin care. Dissatisfied with the skin care products that were available to his patients, in 1982 he developed his skin care line specifically for them. Now you too can benefit from his many years of experience.

While there are many different skin care products on the market today, only a true, therapeutic skin care program can deliver such advanced and proven results. Signature Skin emerged from Dr. Maloney’s passion for the art of plastic surgery and his desire for his patients to look and feel their best. His patients will tell you that when it comes to skin care, his philosophy is

“If a skin care product is not therapeutic, why use it?”

With extensive research, he developed a skin care program to enhance and maintain the surgical results of his patients, and those wanting to optimally treat their skin to look their best at any age with or without surgery. Over the years, thousands of his patients have used Signature Skin to transform the look and feel of their skin. Now you have access to this exclusive skin care line that was once only available to Dr. Maloney’s patients. See for yourself why so many people love Signature Skin!


Richard W Maloney, MD FACS
Founder / Medical Director